Who Bought the Goonies House?

Who Bought the Goonies House? How much

Who Bought the Goonies House?

For decades, the house from the classic 1985 movie The Goonies has been one of the most memorable and beloved pieces of movie memorabilia ever seen by fans of the film. While many of its cast members have moved on to various projects, the house remains one of the few tangible reminders of that magical movie moment. But who owns it?

The answer lies in Astoria, Oregon where the hit movie was filmed —the home belongs to real estate developer Herb Lustig. As the story goes, Herbert bought this particular residence as a speculative property back in 1987 while he was visiting Astoria on vacation. He noted its potential as an investment opportunity but didn’t know at that time just how significant owning such a nostalgic asset could be.

Today, Herb’s property is immensely popular with Goonies fans wanting to get a glimpse of their favorite childhood scenes. In fact, sightings are so frequent these days that herb had to add a bonus feature: visitors must now schedule their visits ahead of time! So if you’re thinking about making your own pilgrimage to One-Eyed Willy’s old stomping grounds in honor of all those fun memories from years past, remember to call ahead first!

So there you have it — Herb Lustig is officially recognized today as the proud owner of goonies house!

What is the History of the Goonies House?

The Goonies house holds a special place in the hearts of many movie fans. For over three decades, it has been an iconic emblem of the classic 1985 film, The Goonies. This beloved adventure comedy tells the story of a group of preteens who set out on a quest to find buried treasure in order to save their troubled neighborhood. Along their journey, they encounter all sorts of bizarre and wonderful characters, but none quite so famous as the house they explore throughout much of their adventure; affectionately referred to by fans as the “Goonies House.”

Located near Astoria, Oregon, the historic property is privately owned and was not built specifically for The Goonies film production. Rather, it had been previously purchased by Warner Brothers Studios and renovated for specific shots in the movie. An 1870s Victorian-style home that sits atop an imposing cliff overlooking the water, it was chosen for its grand facade and authentic charms—the perfect backdrop for an exciting pirate-inspired journey.

While much of The Goones interiors were actually filmed on sound stages in California and other outdoor scenes along different stretches of coastland in Oregon, it is this particular dwelling that continues to mesmerize movie buffs from around the world decades after release. In fact, its legacy has taken on such importance within popular culture that Astoria even goes to great lengths each year during its annual “Goonies Day” festival to make sure everything from tours around the property (

How Has the Goonies House Changed Over Time?

The house at 35579 Colvin Street in Astoria, Oregon may not look like much from the outside, but it’s actually a cinematic landmark. It is widely known as the home of the Goonies in Steven Spielberg’s beloved 1985 family adventure film. The house has become an iconic piece of movie history and serves as a reminder of how much our culture has changed since its release.

The world was much different in the 1980s. Movies were awash with tales of heroic adventurers taking on mysterious adversaries and incredible treasure hunts – just like The Goonies did. But what many people don’t know is that their journey started at “the Goonie House”, located in Astoria, OR. When the film first came out, the quaint two-storey residence became one of Hollywood’s most recognizable homes. Since then, it has gone through some significant changes both inside and outside.

The exterior of the Goonies House looks slightly different today compared to when it was first featured in The Goonies: for one thing, the white flower border along its facade has been replaced with pink shutters; plus there are now two chimneys on either side instead of just one! As for what’s inside, many collectors have scavenged memorabilia from filming scenes such as Chester Copperpot’s golden mask or tattered maps left behind by One-Eyed Willie and his crew over time – no doubt adding an extra layer of nostalgia to this historic building.

Why Did Someone Buy the Goonies House?

There is something special about The Goonies; it’s nostalgia-inducing, emotionally resonant and never gets old. That might be why someone bought the house featured in the 1985 cult classic. Maybe they felt like living a part of that fantasy world where dreams can come true – or maybe it just reminds them of simpler times. Whatever the reason, reliving certain scenes from the movie in there would be an experience to remember for sure!

This could also be because the house is so symbolic and recognizable. It’s connected to a great story with powerful characters we all know and love, making it especially appealing to own such a popular place. Many people feel a connection with its history and have chosen to make this their own personal piece of memorabilia– after all, who doesn’t love a bit of pop culture?

The Goonies house has been used in many other movies since then too – which could also explain why someone would go out of their way to purchase it. Being able to visit a landmark where so many iconic scenes were filmed is an experience unlike any other! People who adore filmmaking get an extra kick from owning this property as if they are connecting with something larger than themselves: Hollywood itself!

Plus, there’s no denying that owning your very own piece of cinematic history comes with bragging rights. Even though the new homeowner hasn’t made any disclosure on their reasons behind buying The Goonies House so far, one thing is clear;

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